The Apps List

Many of my friends have been jumping on the iPhone bandwagon, but many more are often in disbelief about the amount of apps I harbor (and use regularly) on my iPhone 2G 4G (and 2G to a lesser extent). So here’s the list, broken down from essential to “kind of nice to have”.

The Essentials List

  1. Pocket Informant– The definitive replacement for the simple (yet elegant) iPhone calendar application, Pocket Informant combines to-do list capabilities with a calendar with robust support for recurring appointments, meeting invitations via email to participants, Google calendar, Outlook, and Microsoft Exchange support, and many more features. It’s a little pricey at $12.99, but pays for itself many times over!
  2. Momento– I used to keep a journal of activities, but stopped doing so and got out of the practice until I found this awesome application. It syncs with your Facebook and Twitter accounts to grab your status updates automatically. It supports pictures (up to 8), providing visual reminders to accompany your written entries. Your entries can also be tagged for quick reference and referral later. There isn’t a Google docs sync, but your entries can be exported. It’s a beautiful interface to work with.
  3. Ambiance– I go to sleep every night listening to the calming sounds of rain falling, wind chimes clinking together in a light wind, or waves lapping hungrily at a distance shore and awaken to the sound of seagulls flying overhead. Supporting playlists, mixes between sounds (and your iTunes library), and alarms, Ambiance is the perfect application for any time you feel stressed. Once you’ve purchased the sounds, you can access high quality, newly uploaded sounds and download them for free. A must-have for frequent travelers desiring familiar sounds or folks who just want another way to relax.
  4. Holy Bible– Simply titled, but powerful. It supports multiple fonts, multiple translations, note-taking, quick find, search, and auto-scrolling in addition to a variety of other features- all for free!
  5. ConvertBot– Need to change units? ConvertBot is part of the Bots family and elegantly allows conversions between units of measure for: distance, area, volume, time, temperature, speed, mass, length, data size, and currency (needs to be updated to sync with most current rates). A great little tool.
  6. mSecure– If you’re not averse to storing passwords or membership numbers on your iPhone, this application is for you. mSecure features encrypted storage with customizable icons and entries for any kind of data you would want to store. A desktop tool is also available.
  7. Stanza – Free eBook reader with a large library of public domain works which are available for free and a growing library of paid books.
  8. Classics – Not free, but used to be during a special. This was the original app Apple “borrowed” liberally from for page turning, display, and interface. Beautiful presentation and automatic bookmarking make this app a joy to use.
  9. Plants vs. Zombies
  10. Facebook
  12. Twitter
  13. GoodReader
  14. Google
  15. Accounts
  16. Fring
  17. Space Miner
  18. Dungeon Hunter
  19. Hero of Sparta
  20. Tower Madness
  21. Samurai
  22. Sentinel
  23. MGSTouch
  24. Robocalypse
  25. Ps Mobile
  26. Pandora
  28. ProChords
  29. Appbox Pro
  30. Bloomberg
  31. NumberKey Free
  32. Marquee
  33. PuzzleQuest
  34. GameBox
  35. Koi Pond
  36. 2360: Cydonia
  37. FreeAppaDay

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