Makers of popular Twitter client Tweetbot take their skills to with Netbot

I’ve always loved Tapbots. Now that they’re working with Dalton Caldwell’s, I’m pleased to see how things progress.

Gigaom, Dalton Caldwell’s proposal for a open developer infrastructure based on a paid model of users, won yet another note of approval Wednesday with the news that the makers of Tweetbot have developed an app for the network called Netbot. While hasn’t hit anything close to mainstream popularity yet — and isn’t necessarily aiming for it right now — the fact that the Tweetbot makers have turned their talents to an client just serves as further validation that Caldwell’s efforts could have staying power.

The developers behind Tapbots have created one of the most critically-acclaimed Twitter clients, Tweetbot, that users have praised for its clean design and useful tools. However, the popular app’s days are probably limited, with Twitter cracking down on third-party clients and limiting just how many new users will be able to register with Tweetbot going forward. Netbot for looks much like the…

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