Apps Gone Free: Get Something for Nothing (Legally)

Apps Gone gets it: with so many apps to choose from in the App Store, how do you figure out what the best ones are?

Well, you no longer have to wonder. Appadvice launched their AppsGoneFree app, which serves up a daily curated collection of apps for your consideration. The best part about the app? Every app they list is free- but hurry, because they’re only free for a day. I’ve seen apps that are ordinarily $5.99 marked down to the low price of FREE- a great price for quality apps.

Better yet, you can now “bump” an app to tell fellow users and Appadvice which apps you think should go free for a day! As Appadvice put it:

We’ll approach the developers of these apps, and let them know we have a community of users who will all try their app if they go free for just a single day.  So it’s your way to give back to the community, by sharing great paid apps with each other and getting them free.  Remember to nominate every paid app you love, and when you see a bumped app, give it a shot!  Our community vouched for it, and the developer did it just for us! =)

Download AppsGoneFree at:


Good Apps – Good Reader, Evernote, Stanza

Good Reader
I haven’t had the chance to review this app yet, but if you need a document viewer (particularly for large PDFs) check out a thorough
review of Good Reader here. If there is an even remote possibility you would use this application, I recommend purchasing it as it is specially priced at only one buck for a limited time.

If you’re looking for a great program for reading and syncing e-books to your iPod or iPhone, check out Stanza. Best of all, it’s free!


Need to take notes? Evernote is a free, indispensable app for keeping your notes and pasted content from webpages in sync across your iPod/iPhone and computers. Get it: it’s a must-have.

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